Bitcoin Is Not a MMM

People are divided into two groups. The first one denies the whole idea of ​​Bitcoin existence and argues that cryptocurrency is just a speculative tool and sooner or later the entire system will collapse and millions of people will lose billions of dollars. The second group of people wholeheartedly support the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies and their development.

The main assertion of Bitcoin critics is the idea that the cryptocurrency does not have anything and will be in a trend while people are ready to “swallow the bait.” But they do not see this most important similarity with other world currencies. The dollar is also just a paper that is not backed by anything and, if something happens to the US state system, dollar bills will at best be suitable for inciting a fire. People have accepted Bitcoin, and that’s why the system develops.

Each day the system has more supporters. IndieGoGo site is a good example, which supports the ICO, while Kickstarter does not want to deal with Bitcoin. The presidential candidate of the Russian Federation, Boris Titov, has made an interesting statement promising to legalize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in case he becomes president. And he will do it with the aim of attracting foreign investments into projects being developed in the country.

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