Bitcoin – Myth or Reality?

Many traditional banks show distrust regarding cryptocurrencies and are trying to limit their clients’ transactions with such assets. Partly, it is due to the ignorance of people who have been trying for decades to do the same thing to preserve and increase capital. On the other hand, bankers are opponents of Bitcoin because they see a strong competitor in the cryptocurrency.

So the Winklewoss brothers call Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to open short positions on Bitcoin futures. This challenge appeared to investors after their loud statements that Bitcoin is a “bubble” and it will soon burst. In response, the founders of Gemini suggested that opponents play against the market. There was no action taken, at least not yet.

And if the society of the cryptocurrency supporters is skeptical towards the comments of bankers, then the opinion of Bitcoin-guru Andreas Antonopoulos will cause some kind of resonance. Despite his commitment to the system and Bitcoin in general, Antonopoulos said that the growth of the BTC rate throughout the entire year of 2017 is not a growth based on the popularity and widespread introduction of BTC as a means of payment, but nothing more than a speculative bubble. And this bubble is the result of people’s greed.

For 2018, there are forecasts that Bitcoin will show growth of 200 – 500%. The French minister of finance proposes to hold a congress with G20 countries in April to discuss the policy of Bitcoin regulation and implementation. The central banks of the G7 are talking about buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin opponents predict the collapse of the pyramid. It turns out that the future of the system will be resolved within the next 2-3 years, and 2018 may well become a turning point.

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