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What is dating? Even if you have never heard of this word, anyone who has ever tried to meet online and signed up at dating website or created online dating profile is already a part of this industry. Dating is undoubtedly more popular today than ever – hundreds of services promise the user that he/she will find an “ideal girl” or a “prince on a white horse”, a “personal life arrangement”, and even “create a family” or just simply “have a good time” and “finally be happy” just in a few minutes … But what does a person get as a result? The need to view thousands of profiles of people who are not interested in the other; financial expenses caused by the desire to attract attention to their profile; communication with scammers; disappointment from dating with those who use fake profile images, and irretrievably lost time. The DateCoin creators want to fundamentally change this situation by applying the technologies of neural networks and artificial intelligence to facilitate the search. Let’s see what it means and how DateCoin will change the dating industry.

The modern world is constantly changing and the dating industry (like any other) undergoes constant development being very sensitive to the needs of the user. When our free time is valued even more than money, any user wants to quickly find a matching partner that meets his expectations, using the website. But alas, there is not a single service that provides such an opportunity.
At the same time, the service operating principles, whether based on geolocation or profile information, do not matter at all. A convenient location increases the probability of a first date, but does not guarantee that there will be a second and a third one Moreover, when writing dating profile, people often tend  to cheat. As a result, instead of a perfectly matched partner, in most cases, the services connect people with completely different interests, moral and ethical principles, sexual preferences and material needs. If we add here such “chronic” weaknesses of traditional dating services, as hidden payments, a large number of “fake” accounts and profiles used to promote paid sex services, it then becomes obvious that using such services for their intended purposes is, at least, inefficient.

Artificial intelligence brings together

The creators of the DateCoin project have set themselves an ambitious goal – to create a unique application for dating successful men and beautiful girls using artificial intelligence (neural networks, machine learning, big data processing, etc.). The assurances of the developers sound promising, because these technologies are now actively used in many projects and the dating industry can only benefit from their implementation.
For example, nowadays artificial intelligence is becoming more widely used in medicine, agriculture, and other areas, making people’s lives more convenient, and the economy – more efficient. Artificial intelligence is also actively used in social networks providing recommendations for the user’s news stream based on his/her interests; digital voice assistants are also operating based on artificial intelligence. But how can artificial intelligence help the user who is looking for a “soul mate” or easy dating?

The answer to this question gives the DateCoin CEO Nikita Anufriev. According to him, the major problem of dating services today is that they are unable to account for all the criteria the user has in his/her regarding an ideal partner. “Moreover, often the user himself cannot formulate this criteria; we can for sure set the basic parameters, but what about the other categories that determine the level of our sympathy for a person? He may like some particular manner of communication, sense of humor, even the manner of smiling … all this can be considered by artificial intelligence, – said Nikita Anufriev. – Today, for example, face recognition technology has reached a level that allows to recognize the person mood easily. Thus, the problem of finding a matching partner among many millions of users around the globe can be solved using these technologies and clustering data algorithms based on neural networks providing dating experience that at most meets user expectations.”

Let’s consider an example: many men dream of girls of a certain type, or of girls, similar to their friends, with whom they  for some reasons failed to build a relationship. The technologies of neural networks give an opportunity to find the only one that completely  satisfies the user’s needs among millions of girls registered for the service. The criteria may include face images and body parameters (bra size, waist circumference), lips and nose  shape, body proportions, and much more (up to the voice timbre). He does not need to set a lot of filters, screen lots of profiles – it’s enough to upload a photo of an ideal one, and artificial intelligence will pick up the matching girl.
The service will also learn and take into account the history of the service use keeping track of profiles the user checks, users he chats, communicates for the longest time, calls  (using the service of anonymous calls available through the application), and so on … Based on that, an artificial intelligence can provide individual recommendations for a specific user and link him with a pool of profiles. If the user preferences change or he wants something new, he can always adjust his search with standard filters and the system will be tuned automatically according to his new wishes.

Knowledge is power

Another interesting technology that DateCoin plans to use is the big data  processing . It’s not secret that the major search services are collecting a huge amount of information about each user: what kind of music he listens to, what are his political preferences, and much more. The collected data is analyzed and a similar mechanism can be used in the dating realm. By using such technologies as, for example, syntactic and semantic analysis of the chats of a particular user, special algorithms outline the purposes of the person sign up for the service, his interests and personality. As a result, it  allows to divide all users into categories based on their goals, interests, predict personality match, track the coincidence of interests, and weed out scammers. Taking into account the reduced list of selected accounts, the artificial intelligence will further filter it based the person average attractive face image preferences.. Thus, DateCoin will be able to offer profiles to the user, focusing not only on  the appearance preferences, but also taking into account the user interests and many others.
As a result, using all the abovementioned technologies, the user will receive a ready-to-use pool of profiles selected by artificial intelligence.
By the way, to ensure maximum cyber security, the developers plan to use terminal encryption, which excludes the possibility of users  correspondence hacking.

Economic issue

Attentive readers noticed that when we talk about a project that will change the dating industry, we write “DateCoin”, which supposes the presence of a certain token and involves cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO, which are very popular nowadays. The creators of the project do plan to issue tokens, but clearly state that the need for blockchain in dating applications is quite doubtful and that at this stage they plan to use this technology only to crowdfunding and implementation of an understandable algorithm fortokens monetizing  and selling them to investors. That is, after taking part in ICO, everyone will be able to participate in the implementation of this ambitious project and make profit after the creation of the application and its successful launch.
The developers of the product provided for the possibility of coins buyback. According to the DateCoin CEO, Nikita Anufriev, after launching the project, 20 percent of the service revenue is planned to be spent ever month to buy back the tokens previously sold at the ICO. The redeemed coins will further be removed from the circulation forever, and since the number of coins is limited, their price will grow over time. “Owners of the tokens will be able to determine which selling price will be suitable for them,” concluded Nikita Anufriev.

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