DES Builds Anti-Scam Platform for ICO Investing

The DES blockchain-project is building a platform for attracting investments with an integrated step-by-step funding mechanism for identifying unreliable projects at the initial stage of development. Now, DES is conducting a pre-ICO campaign to further develop its own platform.

The Decentralized Escrow platform will be of interest to investors as it will allow more control on financing for invested projects, as well as focusing on their progress in the implementation of their road map. To the project creators, this tool will provide an opportunity to attract investments through ICO, subject to financing, but also create a greater investor loyalty.

The decision on the next stage of financing a particular campaign, within the framework of the platform, will be taken by a majority of votes held by investors. This procedure will eliminate scam projects that do not pretend to actually implement their road map, and identify those that are ready to justify the trust placed on them already at the initial stage. Funds deposited for the next stage of financing will not be stored in a common smart contract, but in the personal wallets of investors owning private keys.

The investor, in this case, acts as a key link that can affect the purity of the market, and Decentralized Escrow provides the necessary tool for this.

The DES project announced the launch of the first stage of fund raising, pre-ICO campaign, within the framework of which it is planned to attract 1500 ETH for further development of the platform. During the pre-session, investors are invited to purchase custom DEST tokens with additional bonuses.


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