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Many crypto-traders and users who follow the trends of crypto-markets are concerned with the question of what will further happen with the Bitcoin rate. The last days show fluctuations in the price of “digital gold” tokens in the range of $16.500. It can be noted that the volume of trading decreased. So on the eve of entering the CBOE futures market on December 9th, the volume of trading on Bitfinex was about 100 thousand Bitcoin, but yesterday the trading volume hardly exceeded the threshold of 50 thousand. So far, there has not been a sharp drop in what large Wall Street players have predicted, but there is also no increase.

There is a possibility that the Bitcoin rate is now subject to adjustment and the situation has several variants of the development of events. In the first version, analysts note the test of the “bear market” of the threshold at $ 15,884. If the market follows a “bull” trend, the Bitcoin price may rise to $ 19,697 by the end of December. This mark is also a psychological level, reaching a level of $20,000 will probably already happen this year.

They also link the “bear” behavior of the market to the fact that it is time for investors to estimate the excessive price of Bitcoin, which rose from $1000 to $17,000 during the year. It also explains the inflow of cash to less capitalized altcoins like Ethereum.

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