Rules for Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

First of all, the Bitcoin developers remind users need to get a wallet, because it is the main element for any process with cryptocurrencies. In order to choose this wallet, it is necessary to determine the main purposes of using Bitcoin.

When the choice is made, one needs to understand what kind of Bitcoin client will be more convenient for you. The abundance of offers from developers is enviable, after all, the clients for all the most popular operating systems has been released:

  • Widows;
  • Linux;
  • Android and iOS;
  • Windows Phone;
  • OS X.

The user can also choose the most convenient option for using Bitcoin clients, for example, online or PC wallets, as well as hardware and mobile wallets. The most reliable of them is the hardware type, since this wallet is a separate digital media that can be connected to a PC or mobile device via USB.

PC and online wallets, mobile apps

The use of mobile, online and PC wallets can be considered in cases when the user plans to store not very significant amounts on them. In other words, if the loss of funds from these wallets will not bring huge material damage.

PC wallets are represented by “easy” and “heavy” types. The first of them does not require downloading any special files and programs, because it works with the help of third-party services. The second view provides for downloading the entire block, the operating activities of which will be stored on the hard drive of the computer.

You can get access to your online wallet from any device that provides uninterrupted Wifi connection. Using PCs and online wallets attracts people with its ease of use, and an intuitive interface.

Mobile wallets attract those users who do not spend most of their time at the computer. By downloading the application to Android, iOS or Windows Phone systems, the customer will be able to pay for goods in online stores, or remotely pay for some services.

However, this completes the whole “charm”, since becoming a user of such platforms, the user fully trusts all his funds to third parties. In the case of hacking  PC system software, online or mobile wallets, the depositor may lose all coins.

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