Alexander SMIRNOV, LH Crypto-Project, “Our company is the first broker to announce the creation of a crypto-broker”

What do cryptocurrency and trading have in common? The opportunity to earn without large financial investments and expertise. It’s amazing that until now no one has tried to combine these two areas, but on October 30th, 2017, ICO of the Lh-Crypto project, the world’s first crypto-broker, has been launched. How will a crypto-broker differ from an exchange or an exchange service? Alexander Smirnov, Director of Internal Audit Larson & Holz, has told about what opportunities the project opens to its users and investors to get income.

– Alexander, what is the main idea of ​​the Lh-Crypto project?

– In the framework of our project, we would like not only to spread information about financial markets, giving people the opportunity to make money on speculative transactions, as we offer the most conservative scheme in our project- the understanding that in most cases there are high risks in the financial markets. Our project, LHCoin, is a token with a monthly income from the broker’s operating activities. We stated officially, that the level of income during the first year of our project is 20% of the invested funds, and at the same time,  we set the reputation of the company that exists more than 20 years (in the Russian market since 2004).

– What is the essence of your business scheme, which will give an opportunity to earn on your customers?

– We have developed the project of the first crypto-broker. Do not confuse the crypto-broker with crypto-exchangers, where people convert some types of crypto-currencies into others, turn them into fiat money and vice versa. Brokerage companies have much more service – first of all, they are analytical centers, it is collection of analysts, working  through specialized terminals that have a sufficiently developed tool for decision making. And, most importantly, brokerage companies credit on a system of so-called margin lending – when small changes in prices in real time, a trader can quickly earn a very large amount of money. Naturally, traders must understand that there are big risks.

– How did you get the idea of ​​creating a crypto-broker?

– First of all, this idea arose when our industry, the trading industry in the stock markets, had several main disadvantages that could be over-countered in the crypto-community. Mainly, it is this in most cases, customers open brokerage accounts in dollars and euros. This complicates the life of those market participants who are in other jurisdictions where there is a certain level of overregulation – in particular, the countries of the Arab world, part of the countries of Asia. As a rule, these states are trying in every possible way to restrict the activities of international companies. And, as you know, the crypto-approach allows us to remove these restrictions.

What is most important, as a rule, when a brokerage company performs mutual settlements with our clients to deposit funds, we incur certain costs for sure when withdrawing funds to fiat money. According to our calculations, the costs are up to 5-6%. Turning to crypto-calculations with our customers through, for example, Ethereum and Bitcoin, we save significantly and get a profitable exhaust in the economy of the broker.

But when creating a crypto-broker project, we do not want to keep this money with us. We just want to give it to our investors, who will give us the dynamics for creating a crypto-project within our ICO. We started the pre-ICO on October, 30th. Pre-ICO is the most favorable time when people can earn on our tokens.

– You decided to conduct ICO. How much money do you plan to raise with it?

– There is a minimum amount with which we would like to launch our project. This is 1 000 000 US dollars. This amount will determine the minimum that will give us the means for the project to take place. Of course, we have ambitions, and we plan to reach even 50,000.000 US dollars. But even with $1,000,000, our project will be fully implemented, and we will issue our token within a year, which will bring passive income to our customers in the coming year.

– How will LHCoin tokens be sold on the ICO?

– The period of sale for LHCoin tokens on ICO is divided into 3 rounds: Pre-ICO, from which we have now started, ICO and Post-ICO, when the token will be ready to enter the exchange. The price of the token will be determined by means collected on pre-ICO. At the same time, if we do not go out to the amount of 1 000 000 US dollars, then, according to our smart contract based on the Ethereum platform, these funds will be automatically returned to all buyers of our tokens. Therefore, we you have zero risks.

But we will form the initial value of the token according to the amount of funds collected on the pre-ICO. The formula is simple enough: the collected amount divided by 200,000,000 tokens. At the same time, we guarantee that the price of the initial token will not be lower than 10 US cents. Further, as the situation develops within the framework of the ICO, we will raise artificially the value of the token by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21% during the first month. And here we have the “Early Bird Bonus” program. According to this program, all those who bought tokens from us on pre-ICO and in the first week of ICO will receive revenue in Ethereum from those who enter the market of buying our tokens within the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks. Thus, this project allows to receive immediately earnings on the wallets of investors without waiting for the launch of the project itself. Therefore, when we divided our project into 3 rounds, we immediately say that the participants of the pre-ICO receive a better price. 1,000.000 dollars is the boundary – either our project takes off, or we refuse it.

– What are the terms and conditions for the release of the LHCoin token on the exchange?

– They depend on the amount that we will collect on pre-ICO. Ideally, we would like to run our token on the exchange in 3-6 months.

– Why do you think that the LHCoin token will be supported by its holders?

– We share our tokens into 3 parts, some of which goes to those who support the project in the field of informatics and promotion (30% of the issued tokens). We call this part of the tokens LHCoin bounty. They do not participate in the passive income system. We reward them with those who participate in the promotion of the project. The amount of tokens, which will be sold for Ethereum or fiat currencies, will be 70%. Once the ICO campaign completes, bounty tokens also become common tokens and can be monetized.

– How will the situation develop after the release of the LHCoin token on the exchange?

– Here the fun begins. We want to give these 5%, in which we save on the project’s output for crypto-calculations, to our investors according to the “CASHBACK” system. All further earnings from the work of the crypto-broker make it possible to receive passive income to the holders of the tokens. It makes no sense to sell those tokens that generate revenue, so they will continue to be on the exchange. Although the possibility of their sale exists.

– What goals do you pursue in an effort to implement the Lh-Crypto project?

– We not only would like to interest the blockchain society, we first of all want to create a system of calculations that will increase our audience. We are the first broker to announce the creation of a crypto-broker. We have a well-developed business model that has been working successfully for 12 years, and there is no reason to suspect that in the 13th year of our work we will suffer a financial collapse. Therefore, the revenues that we receive from the withdrawal of our customers to the crypto-community, give us the opportunity to guarantee. This includes the Token Rate Insurance System, which allows you to guarantee a minimum token yield of 20% of its value at the end of the year. If the year-end token has fallen in the quotation, the company guarantees that it will add the missing amount from its funds, is the main idea of ​​our project.

In fact, we are betting on the reputation of a long-standing company, and plus we perfectly understand that the financial resources received from the work of the fiat broker will allow us to take these risks on ourselves, rather than put them on the shoulders of our investors.

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