«I really believe that these new uses will help to develop the use of crypto-currencies»

– Please tell us about your project. What is its uniqueness? What are the newest protocols or technologies you use?

– We are launching the DomRaider network, a disruptive blockain-powered auction network.

Our auction platform is built on a blockchain which consists of blocks of data linked together via a decentralized network. We aspire to revolutionize the existing and limited real-world auction ecosystem by using blockchain technology. Our objective is to develop the first decentralized network dedicated to real-time management of any auction in the world, either online or in the auctioning room.

We had to fulfill a mandatory requirement :  being able to handle a massive transaction volume without compromising on speed. The transaction consensus must remain below 1 second at all time, even if we have to process 1 000 000 bid in the same second. To achieve this, we chose to mix a public blockchain, like Ethereum, to handle deposits and payments, and a private blockchain to manage real time bids. To solve the consensus delay and massive load we chose BigChainDB. First running on our private node then on all our partners nodes.

What tasks will your tokens solve? What can users use them for?

– The DomRaider Token is at the core of our auction blockchain. You can earn them :

  •         By selling assets or products at auction
  •         By getting commission on sales
  •         By selling services associated with the blockchain

You can spend them :

  •         By organizing auctions
  •         By putting a deposit on certified auctions
  •         By winning at auction

– How can users who invest in your project be able to make a profit?

– The DomRaider Token will be used as a payment or a guarantee counter-party for all auctions.

It will require a lot of trades between DRT, other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

As the total count of DomRaider Token is fixe and pre-mined, the more the network will be used, the more DRT will increase.

Our token will be listed on several public exchange. We already are in discussion with Bittrex, Coinone and Huobi.

– What is the cost of the token at the moment?

– The DRT price is fixed à 0,10€/DRT. We offer a degressive discount during pre-sale (currently at 20%), based on the sale advance.

In what ways can the user invest in your project? Using which crypto currency? Maybe you accept funds from investors through Internet payment systems or by bank cards?

– We are accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT).

– What are the most interesting users in your product? What are they most often asking about?

– Despite the fact we revaled our ICO project only 2 weeks ago, we already have been in touch with hundreds of very interested users. We got very nice feedback on all the possibilities our project can offer to the whole crypto-world community, and also the real auctionning world.

We’ve got a lot of questions on the range of our auctions network : What kind of assets will it be possible to buy and sell ? The answer is simple : everything.

That’s why this project is so exciting. We are going to launch the technical core that every auctioning industry player will be able to build on. As an example in the crypto community, we just signed 2 partnerships with and

– Why did you decide to go to the ICO? What results do you expect from ICO? Maybe you can evaluate the results that have been achieved at the moment?

– Due to our historic drop-catching activity, we have already organized thousands of auctions. We can certify the presence of general limits of all existing today platforms: lack of transparency, lack of openness and ecosystem is too limited. Thanks to the recent technical developments of the blockchain, it is now possible to exceed these limits. This is the reason of our project.

Our ICO objective is to sell 35 Millions € of tokens. We had an incredible pre-sale start. We already sold 162 Millions DRT out of the total supply for sale of 350 Millions.

– Tell us a little about the founders of the project, please. Is this their first project in the field of Blockchain or do they have experience implementing other projects?

The founder, Tristan Colombet, is a successful serial entrepreneur.  He founded his first company,, in 2000, when he was only 18 years old. Within a few years, his platform, which specialized in organizing award-winning competitions for the general public, was the leader of the French casual gaming sector. He won 1st Prize in the Technology Fast 50 in 2006 for’s spectacular growth of 6,577% over 5 years. By the next year, the company was employing 150 people with a turnover of €13.7 million. He is now strongly involved in crypto community and crypto investment with is own fund : Eefficiency. The team is also supported by experienced key players of blockchain market like William Mougayar (Ethereum Foundation), Dominik Zynis (Wings cofounder), Richard G. Kastelein (Blockchain News), Mike Costache (Krowd Mentor, D10E).

Over the past two weeks, the price of Bitcoin has increased by almost $ 1,000 – how do you think, how will this affect the whole country’s currency market?

– The cryptocurrency market has always been very volatile. It is therefore difficult to predict its evolution. But ICO participants are accustomed to this volatility. This has little effect on their participation level. Any increasing in value remains positive for the entire ecosystem

– How do you see the development of the crypto currency market in the near future?

– The priority issue seems to me is the using of crypto currencies and blockchain technology more generally. The development of Ethereum’s smart-contracts, for example, shows us that there are a lot of new possibilities that no one has yet imagined till now.

Our auction network DomRaider is one example, and there will be more and more others.

I really believe that these new uses will help to develop the use of crypto-currencies. And more they are used, more their value increases.

I do not think this is a fashion phenomenon, we are in process of a deep change.

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