Vasily Trofimchuk, Co-Founder of BitClave Blockchain Project: “The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, as a rule, rapid growth is followed by drastic fall”.

Please tell us about your project. What is its uniqueness?

We are developing a decentralized search system for BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE). In fact, this is a new generation of search engines that connects businesses and users directly and thus changes the usual rules of the game in the online advertising market. Today it is monopolized by corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Every time you search for something on the Internet, these services collect information about you and earn on it. Companies are forced to pay them huge money to be able to target advertising to one or another audience. Such advertising is often ineffective and huge marketing budgets directly affect the value of the goods for the final buyer. You, giving your data completely free of charge, do not receive anything in return except for annoying and irrelevant advertising.

The BASE search engine excludes intermediaries and connects sellers and buyers directly. The user will decide for himself what information about himself to disclose and to what extent. In return, he will receive remuneration from companies in the form of tokens. Depending on the value of the user, the amount can reach
$500. In this case, the blockchain ensures complete anonymity and security of the users’ data. Companies will have access to the consumers of interest to them and will be able to significantly reduce marketing costs. All this will make the Internet search safe, transparent, and mutually beneficial for all participants.

What tasks will your tokens solve? What can users use them for?

All activities in the ecosystem will be conducted using consumer activity tokens (CAT), which will be in the management of companies and users to exchange information, services, and online goods. Tokens will be used inside the system to perform smart contracts between the business and users.

How can users who invest in your project be able to make a profit?

For users, this is an opportunity to invest in a token, which will be actually used and claimed by the business, that is, it will be involved in the operation of the system. As the ecosystem grows, new partners will connect to it, and the token will be more and more in demand for the system, while access to it will become increasingly valuable, and it’s cost will grow. Later, you can buy and sell these tokens on exchanges.

What is the cost of the token at the moment?

The cost of one CAT is $ 0.07

In what ways can the user invest in your project? Using which cryptocurrency? Maybe you accept funds from investors through Internet payment systems or by bank cards?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted for payment. You can register a wallet in advance (for example, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist, Ledger wallet, etc.), or purchase tokens directly through exchanges. Alternatively, use the bank card to buy ETH or BTC on Coinbase ( and transfer them to our wallet.

What is the most interesting about your product for the users? What are they most often asking about?

We often hear the question – “Is it a search engine for those who want to earn a few dollars on viewing ads?” The answer is no, it’s just the opposite. This is for those who value their time and their personal data. The search process is different from the usual one. The user makes a request and receives personalized offers. No need to surf and sort spam. Regardless of the level of prosperity, residence, and other similar criteria, any user receives in exchange for his personal information a free search engine such as Google. Such platforms resell these data depending on demand. In our system, this criteria will be taken into account – for example, the value of the American information will be on average much higher than the inhabitant of India. The millionaire will receive a fair reward for his information. To some extent, this is a search engine for the rich.

Why did you decide to go to the ICO? What results do you expect from ICO? Maybe you can evaluate the results that have been achieved already?

Placement of tokens for us is, first of all, the way they are distributed. Our cryptocurrency is necessary for the participants of the advertising business for mutual settlements. Initially, all tokens have only Bitclave and one way to distribute tokens among investors and potential customers is to arrange an initial sale.
We already had a successful presale in July, during which we raised 1.8 million US dollars for two days, and by the number of registered wallets we see that interest in the project continues to grow rapidly.

Could you please tell us about the founders of the project?

We have a very strong international team, which brought together specialists from different industries and certainly brings additional expertise to the project. The general director and co-founder of the project is Alex Bessonov, a former Directory of Security for LG Electronics, who has worked more than 20 years in the field of IT and cybersecurity. Our CTO, Patrick Tague is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, the lead Developer Emmanuel Owusu is a graduate of this university, PhD.

Over the past two weeks, the price of Bitcoin has increased by more than $1000 – how do you think this will affect the whole market in the country?

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, as a rule, rapid growth is followed by drastic fall. Here and now the price of Bitcoin, as well as of other cryptocurrencies, has drastically subsided. In part, this is due to the market’s overheating, when Bitcoin reached a historic level of about $ 5,000, many investors began to sell, wanting to earn quick money. This was followed by news about the ban of ICO in China, which also had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency price.

How do you see the development of the cryptocurrency market in the near future?

One of the main trends is the use of tokens in real life. This is not about paying for goods in a new way and getting paid for what people usually had to give or do for free. Dollar relations and coupons did not allow people to influence these proposals, as large corporations monopolized markets and dictated terms. Soon the situation will change greatly and people will have more opportunities to bypass the boundaries of corporations.

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