Exchange HitBTC has explained the delay in withdrawals the influx of new users

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has published clarification to users about the reasons for the possibility of the withdrawal of assets from its platform. Official comment appeared in the blog exchange.

Representatives from HitBTC stated that their exchange along with other major crypto sites experiencing difficulties because of the influx of new customers. However, unlike his colleagues, HitBTC does not intend to suspend the registration of users, despite the failure of individual functions of the exchange.

“Over the last couple of weeks we have also been hit with several DDoS attacks, which worsened the situation. At the moment it is a difficult task, since we need to simultaneously optimize our system for the influx of new traders and support to nearly 500 markets, which we have. Our team of experts deals with these questions around the clock and seven days a week”, — said the representatives of HitBTC.

In addition, the company identified difficulties with the software.

“Sometimes HitBTC first begins to support new coins, starting AT the beta stage. Eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities in the work necessary and slow manual processing of transactions — all this leads to the fact that some currencies will remain in maintenance mode”, — stated in the message.

The exchange has advised its clients to periodically check if not corrected the stated problem, because it can happen faster than getting a response from support, which is necessary to process one and a half times more requests than usual.

In conclusion, the HitBTC team identified their strengths, stressing that since the launch of the site in 2013 was not lost not a single bit of information of users, and also announced the development of new software that can cope with growing load.

We will remind, already more than three weeks of users of the cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC is experiencing problems with the withdrawal of all cryptocurrency assets due to the impossibility of conducting transactions. Some of them suggested that the blocked funds are under threat, and HitBTC carries out a fraudulent scheme, however, no evidence to support such allegations were not given.

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