Bitcoin Forks Planned for December

The technology of creating forks of the original Bitcoin is gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world. At the same time, the balance remains in the blockchain, and small changes are made to the code. Everyone is used to both new Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. After their successful entry into the market, new projects appear. What awaits us in the near future:

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)

On December 23, the LBTC fork will be launched. Developers promise us instant transactions (up to 10 seconds).

Bitcoin God

Chinese investor, Chandler Guo, planned the start of the Bitcoin God fork on December 25th. The date coincides with the Catholic Christmas, and it is not by chance, because all Bitcoin holders will receive gifts. It is known only that only 21 million coins will be released to the market (just like Bitcoin).

Bitcoin Uranium ($ BUM)

As of December 31st, another fork is planned. As in the case of Bitcoin Gold, this coin will be based on the Equihash algorithm.

Bitcoin Cash Plus

The coin makers reported that they will take all the best from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Silver (BTSI)

So far only plans for the launch of the fork are known. Even there is no data about the start date. It is likely that this will be another joke.

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