Bitcoin Gold Rashly Increases

After the news of the cancellation of the planned fork, Bitcoin, has been corrected, as expected. The market finally switched to altcoins, whilst such Bitcoin forks as (Bitchin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)) are “explosively” increasing. And if it has been written about the growth of the price of the first altcoin, the price growth of BTG is left unattended for some reason.

Nevertheless, within just two days the BTG cryptocurrency has increased by +246.5% and has risen in price from $140 to $485.

It should be noted that Bitcoin Gold is still traded in the form of a future, but starting from November 12th, 10 pm, Moscow time, mining of its coins will begin using the Equihash algorithm. Trading on the exchanges will start at that time too, and also “gift” balances will become available right after the hard fork, which users can expect a certain drop in the exchange rate, since many of them will prefer to exchange the new cryptocurrency for a more stable one.

The peculiarity of BTG is that its mining will be available on conventional video cards.

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