Cindicator Project Successfully Complete: an Unusual Token Sale, Collects $15 Million

The Cindicator project, developing a decentralized analytical platform based on the so-called “hybrid intelligence”, announced in its blog about the successful completion of its token sale.

The campaign itself was marked by an unusual organization. Unlike most projects that sell tokens, Cindicator used the so-called Whitelist. This means that to participate in the campaign, it was necessary to submit an application, which was then manually reviewed by the members of the project team. Only those who were allowed to participate could get the project tokens.

This model in particular was praised by Charlie Schrem.

“We created the Whitelist system to select only those who can strengthen our ecosystem and are really interested in our products and technologies, rather than pursuing purely speculative goals. At this stage, we collected detailed information in the form of applications from participants. In the applications, they described in detail how they intend to interact with the platform. To tell you the truth, we were pleasantly surprised at how many really interesting people are willing to help us in creating an ecosystem of hybrid intelligence,” says the post.

The team also noted that the total amount proposed by all 33,449 applicants from 160 countries of the world exceeded $500 million.

The campaign was divided into four rounds, with only a limited number of contributors could participate, and at each round, the maximum amount of the contribution was limited. As a result, 4057 people took part in crowdsale. The company said that due to their participation, the maximum goal of a token sale amounting to $15 million, was achieved.

The Cindicator ecosystem uses the collective intelligence of people making various predictions about future events or phenomena. The artificial mind of the machine that processes this array of data gives a single prediction.

Representatives of the team also reported that they will publish a further plan for the development of the ecosystem in the near future.

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