Cryptocurrency Terminals Installed In Five Districts of Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk company BBFpro has installed nine cryptocurrency terminals in five districts of the city: Kalinin, Railway, October, Lenin, and Kirov. The Director of the company, Anton Friedel told RBC about it.

According to him, the software for the terminals was developed by a team of freelancers in about three months.

“The commission for a purchase in the online exchanger is 15-20%, and we have 6%. We made such a small percentage because we counted on a large flow of customers,” he said.

At the same time, Anton Friedel also assumes that the company may have difficulties with paying taxes.

“Now the deadline for paying taxes is right, and we are in a quandary. We are ready and willing to pay taxes, but we do not know how the tax service will behave. We will provide the tax authorities with documents, but we do not know whether they will accept them, “he said.

In the future, entrepreneurs intend to install cryptocurrency terminals in Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, and Irkutsk, adding the opportunity to work with other cryptocurrencies.

“We are developing a terminal that will not only sell, but also buy cryptocurrency. But we will establish it only after a legislative settlement in this area,” Friedel said.

Addresses of Novosibirsk cryptocurrency terminals:

Stanislavskogo St, 18, a store of draft beverages “Kruzhka Piva”;

Borisa Bogatkova St, 194, a store of draft beverages “Khmelnoy khutorok”;

Victora Usa St, 15, ground floor between the minimarket and the hairdresser;

Stantsionnaya St, 16/1, “Avtomarket na Stantsionnoy”, 1 floor;

Vatutina St, 1, a store of bottled drinks “Berloga”;

Krasniy Avenue 82, the store of bottling beverages “СиBEERяк”;

Krasnoyarskaya St, 132, shop-bakery “Shokoladnaya Strana”;

Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St, 44, a store of draft beverages and sushi FUGU;

Trolleynaya St, 35b, shop-bakery “Producty”.

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