The Ministry of Finance wants to allow the Moscow Stock Exchange to trade bitcoins

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev announced that at the moment the initiative is being discussed to allow the bitcoin to be used for trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange. However, he noted that the Ministry of Finance considers it incorrect to call bitcoin a currency, but rather the definition of a “financial asset”.

According to Moiseyev, to allow the exchange to trade in bitcoins means to protect those who for some reason decided to invest in this crypto currency from unscrupulous participants. And accordingly ensure the execution of contracts.

The deputy minister notes that the view that this pyramid is a place to be, since such investments are still high-risk. That is why the department proposes to regulate this area of ​​investment.

At the moment, the initiative to admit bitcoin to trading is being discussed with the Bank of Russia and the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Pavel Durov already criticized the opinion of the Ministry of Finance. On his page in the social network Paevl wrote: I do not quite understand the desire of Russian officials to limit the purchase of bitcoins. For the first time in 70 years, the world financial system had a chance to get out of the hegemony of the United States, which at one time imposed its national currency on the world as a reserve, and since then, in fact, collect tribute from all countries, paying off indefinitely stamped dollars on their debts and buying up They have assets all over the world. And instead of seizing the chance to make the world more balanced and together with Japan and other Asian countries recognize the status of the new digital currencies that are replacing the dollar, the voices of “let’s forbid and limit” are heard from the Russian government. It seems that this bitkoyn imposes sanctions on Russia.

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