The World’s First Kosher Cryptocurrency Announced in Russia

In Russia, the developers announced the world’s first kosher cryptocurrency – Bitcoen (consonant with “coen”, which means “cleric” in Judaism). Entrepreneur Vyacheslav Semenchuk invested $ 500 thousand of his own funds in its creation. As it was reported, the new cryptocurrency will be mainly focused on the Jewish community, with the objective to simplify the settlements that same community.

The development of Bitcoen will be controlled by the so-called “Council of Six”, which will include respected members of the Jewish community from such fields as business, politics, finance, technology, culture, and social activities. The cryptocurrency network will work on Shabbat, as it is an automated system, but will be dependent on Jewish laws. Furthermore, the developers will make deductions to charitable foundations.

Berl Lazar, Press Secretary of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, said that the Jewish community is really interested in creating such a cryptocurrency, but so far the process of its creation is at the initial stage.

However, there are also those who are against the appearance of a kosher counterpart in the market. In particular, Lev Vilensky, writer and author of the book “Jerusalem and Its Inhabitants” stated that the authors of the project are trying to attract investors by the similarity of the words “coen” (see above) and coin (“coin” – in English), in fact, the new currency has the completely same features as Bitcoin, as the Chinese Nokla has the same features as Nokia.

“I do not think that Jewish communities around the world need a such kind of provocation. “- noted Vilensky. “They have enough problems, and they absolutely do not need to create a” crypto-coen.” You can guess infinitely to whom it can be profitable. Either this is a subtle judophobe ejection, or the stupidity of a single person, which can cause a bad resonance.”

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