Crypto-Market Prepares for 2018

Within 2017, Bitcoin demonstrated a colossal price increase of almost 1400%. What risks can the crypto-currency market expect in the coming year:

  • The desire of large investors to fix profits by selling their assets. This can cause a major collapse of quotations.
  • Negative consequences for Bitcoin’s development also is the increase in the time of transaction confirmation and the growth of the cost for the network commission.
  • The desire for authorities of some countries to take the market under their control can negatively affect the cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin has always taken first place both in price and in capitalization amount, the situation may change in the future. The growth of competition from other tokens, which ensure a high transaction speed with low commissions, can completely change the situation on the market.

On the other hand, blockchain technology attracts the attention of large financial institutions. This can attract new money to crypto-market. Trade in Bitcoin futures is already open on two major exchanges, as well as soon the appearance of specialized exchange funds are to be expected. Additionally, states who are trying to keep up with progress by issuing their own cryptocurrency and introduce regulations for the new market. Most likely, all the most interesting things are still to come ahead!

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