Goldman Sachs: the economy will be stable, but cryptocurrency bother

“The Firm” about the economic threats in the coming year.

Goldman Sachs expects the US economy will be stable in 2018, but cautions about the potential negative consequences that can be triggered by loans and cryptocurrency, writes Investing.

Fear of the American bubble, Jan Hatzius, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, presented a report, which reads in part: “the Valuation of assets in some sectors, especially credit, has risen to historically high values. Although we have not seen major movements in the credit market, which would have alarmed the fed, but now is showing signs of speculative behavior in the financial sector, such as the boom of cryptocurrencies”.

In 2018, Goldman Sachs prognozare the fed rate hike, maybe four times. The unemployment rate is 3.5% and 2.6% GDP growth, zarplata in the U.S. will grow, as well as inflation. However, the collapse potential of the cryptocurrency bubble in assets caused by the rising value of Bitcoin, more than 1290%, may prevent realization of the plans for the successful economic year in the US, speak at Goldman Sach.

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