SegWit2X Advantages For Miners

The necessity of SegWit2X hardfork is caused by the increase in the time of transactions and the growth of commissions in the network of the original Bitcoin. All these issues do not allow the use of “digital gold” as a full-fledged means of payment. All these shortcomings are eliminated in a new fork.

SegWit2X is supported by the majority of the Bitcoin community. As noted by Jeff Garzik, the main developer of the new network, at the moment more than 10 percent of Dash-miners have already switched their capacities to the mining of a new coin.
What are the advantages of B2X mining:

• High block production speed – 2.5 minutes;
• Block size – 4 MB;
• The coin is extractable both on the CPU and on the GPU;
• Reduction of electricity costs for mining;
• Mining Complexity is recalculated after extraction of each new block.

SegWit2x today weights more than just the net worth of its investors and users. It’s stable price is also creating the incentive for x11 dash-miners to dedicate their computing power to the SegWit2x blockchain. With the new push, SegWit2x miners are making at least 20% more mining on SegWit2x than they do on Dash.

As this news spreads within Dash community the SegWit2x price could further increase. Further, combined with a high liquidity, SegWit2x emerges as the most attractive coin to mine at the moment.

SegWit2x B2X,x11
Link for miners:

Port: 5001,Diff: 0.5
Port: 5002,Diff: 5
Port: 5003,Diff: 10
Port: 5004,Diff: 0.001
Port: 5005,Diff: 0.01
Port: 5006,Diff: 0.1

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