Telegram blocking in Russia. What are the alternatives?

Tagansky Court of Moscow decided to block Telegram on the territory of Russia. Moreover, the court used this wording: “to execute immediately.” For our Russian-speaking users, we provided a detailed instruction – how to bypass the Telegram lock, and for the rest we also offer an alternative – where to go if the telegram is blocked in your country?

Telegram, perhaps, will transfer his messenger to the blockade. When any computer in the country can become a mini-server (node) Telegram, blocking this messenger will simply be impossible. Today, the alternative to telegraph as a messenger with really protected user data, in fact, no – neither WhatsApp nor Facebook, and even more VKontakte, will not give not that guarantees – even a hint of inviolability of private data. However, there are other messengers about which not everyone knows.

The telegram is not decentralized – it has servers, there is an office, it would be necessary for someone, they would have come long ago, confiscated the server and opened any correspondence. Only decentralized services are capable of truly resisting large structures-that is, services that do not have a single vulnerable node-that is, a place where information can be received and seized.

This is a principle of e-Chat operation, a messenger will still continue to function. The blockchain-based solution provides effective protection against attacks and hacking.

In this case, we can say with certainty that e-Chat, at least for the time being, is much safer and more anonymous, than the much promoted Telegram. For further details, please visit, where you can also download the messenger itself!

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