The developers Ubiatar: “We give you the opportunity to make easy and honest to anyone, anywhere»

Thanks to Ubiatar application it will be possible to visit new countries, go to exhibitions in museums on the other side of the world, do remote shopping. The user will be able to provide a telepresence effect through a smartphone by hiring the artist – “avatar”.

In fact, the smartphone “avatar” will be the eyes and ears of the remote user. The reward will be carried out by a new cryptocurrency by blockchain technologies, the ICO of which will start on March 23. 34% of tokens are planned to be sold during the ICO, more than half will be unlocked consistently over the next few years.

The developer of the application-Ubiatar – is the General sponsor of Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg. The organizers of the conference learned from the representatives of the company about the features of their service and the possibilities of the future cryptocurrency.

– You have come up with an interesting way to use blockchain technology and the capabilities of a modern smartphone. What is the essence of your “avatar” application?

– Ubiatar is the only technology that offers a viable and present solution to humanity’s old dream: the power of omnipresence or instantaneous movement anywhere.

This “force” described in many works of art, particularly in sci-Fi TV shows and films “star trek” present device for teleportation. Until today, it was just a fiction.

Ubiatar provides the opportunity for ubiquity, using modern mobile technologies into a highly efficient platform. Starting point – a common smartphone in the hands of a local resident (Avatar); all that the Avatar sees and hears is sent over the network to the person who is at home (the User) and, in turn, directs the Avatar so that he/she acted as the embodiment of the remote User. Instructions are given using a revolutionary graphical user interface, which is superimposed on the live video stream.

– Why do you need the blockchain? How is it better than traditional technologies?

– Why do you need a new token? To ensure the movement of funds between users around the world, regardless of local restrictions, the availability of Bank accounts for the poor, women, or other socially vulnerable groups.

Tokens Ubiatar will be used for the exchange of funds in the marketplace UbiatarPlay and thus become a possible standard, standardized valuation services. Other payment methods will not be supported.

Any Ubiatar app will contain a wallet that will allow people to store and manage Ubiatar tokens (abbreviated UAC).

– Is your app more focused on earning money or is it focused on entertainment?

– We provide an opportunity of simple and honest earnings for any person, wherever he is.

Around the world, there are a number of unemployed people who would be happy to offer their physical presence for an acceptable fee.

Also, there are many people who need to be present in other places and who do not have the time, money, or even the opportunity to go there. Just imagine busy businessmen, poor people, or people whose health does not allow them to walk: Ubiatar service Can be their best (or only) chance to do what they want and explore places that interest them.

UbiatarPlay team will develop a trading platform where all these people can meet, discuss, learn from each other, as well as share their culture, emotions, knowledge and skills.

– What will be the requirements for the technical characteristics of mobile devices? How many people will be able to work with the app?

– Ubiatar enterprise platform has already been developed and the client application is already available in all app stores.

The native iOS app of the system has been approved and its version 2.1 is currently available in the Apple app store.

The app works with any major browser and any operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. No need to install, the application will instantly run on any computer from any manufacturer, without the need to contact the support system.

Special versions of client software are available for embedded systems such as Raspberry PI boards.

Ubiatar network Is a peer-to-peer, cloud-based, automatically scalable, state-of-the-art system based on Amazon Web services databases. Amazon is one of the largest and most trusted computing power providers in the cloud, and data centers around the world support Amazon’s business operations. The system runs very smoothly, is reliable and potentially has no limitations in computing power, it is the ideal choice for a service that needs to serve and coordinate millions of users worldwide who exchange audio and video streams of high quality with low latency.

– For what main purposes will people use the app from Ubiatar?

– For everything you would personally do if you instantly moved to any place you like: tourism, real estate, business, industrial application, fun, games, preview of hotels and other places you plan to visit, the rental economy, etc.

– Do you plan to go to ICO? If Yes, when?

Our ICO will start on March 23, 2018.

– What other operations, except for the Avatar’s work fee, can be carried out using your tokens?

– Remote shopping – your Avatar can do for you purchases, paying any services in the sphere, where your the Avatar represents you.

– Will the tariffs within your system be fixed, or will users agree on the amount of remuneration among themselves?

– Any Avatar sets his own price for the service. This is an open peer-to-peer market.

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