Trimpo to Present New Sales Opportunities to Merchants

Internet technologies are constantly moving forward and exploring new horizons. Today, with the help of the Internet, you can do almost anything without leaving your home. Trimpo is a service that helps merchants sell their products on different marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, Yandex.Market,, and attract millions of new customers! To learn more about the project, we talked with the CEO of the project Alexander Terentyev.

Please tell us about your project. How is it unique?

Trimpo is an e-commerce ecosystem that will consist of several platforms, including, but not limited to, the Trimpo marketplace, platforms for merchants and suppliers, and Trimpo Big Data which will provide analytics for e-com businesses.

Our platform for merchants has been up and running for a year now. Using the Trimpo interface, merchants can manage their listings on marketplaces (eBay and Amazon), and Yandex.Market, they can create price lists for e-commerce platforms (e.g. Google Shopping) and for CPC and PPC networks. Listings, product information and orders are managed in merchant accounts on Trimpo. There is a built-in CRM system and an automated analysis system which provides sales reports. Our platform saves time while increasing sales volume. Certain sales channels require a lot of time, effort and money, while Trimpo offers a simple solution and a friendly UI, providing merchants with everything they need for smooth sales process through their account at Trimpo.

In brief, Trimpo offers merchants simple access to major global marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, etc.) through a single account.

We are continuously working with the most advanced technology stacks. Integration with marketplaces and content management systems in our platform for merchants is implemented according to their requirements and specifications.

What issues does your token solve? How will the users utilize them?

TRIMPO is a standard ERC20 token. It is an internal currency of our ecosystem. Merchants and suppliers will pay fees and 2% commissions in tokens; customers can use them for their purchases on the Trimpo marketplace. We will also launch a customer loyalty program for purchases made in Trimpo tokens in order to engage both fiat and crypto communities.

How will investors of your project profit from supporting it?

There are three key players in our ecosystem: customers, merchants and suppliers. Any user can be in one, two or all three of those roles. Using Trimpo tokens, our investors from retail or e-commerce industries can list and sell their products on our marketplace while anyone can shop and pay with our tokens, benefitting from the customer loyalty program.

An increase in value of any asset is driven by supply and demand. Merchants and suppliers in our ecosystem will pay fees and commissions in Trimpo tokens which will support the demand and stimulate circulation. This will lead to growth of the token price. Trimpo marketplace will stimulate the use of cryptocurrency, broaden its base and circulation and, therefore, act as the asset value supporting factor in the medium and long term.

What is the token price now?

Currently it is 0.0025 ETH, or 400 TRIMPO tokens for 1 Ethereum.

How to buy your tokens?

Investments can be made with Ethereum, Bitcoin and various altcoins through the project’s website in the investor personal account. This is the only way to purchase tokens during our pre-sale that will run until the 15th of July. During the main sale (15.08.2018 – 01.11.2018) potential investors can contact us if they wish to invest but would like to buy tokens through alternative means.

What interests the users the most in your product? What questions do they most often ask?

Our current users usually ask about the integration with other marketplaces. On that point, we are soon to complete and roll out the integration with Etsy which will be followed by AliExpress, Flipkart and Rakuten. Another popular question is about the one-click integration with other CMSs. Currently, any merchant can integrate with Trimpo, regardless of the content management system they use for their store. If they use Ecwid CMS or InSales, the integration is done in just one click.

We have been asked many times for recommendations on how to increase sales. We will address this by building the BigData subsystem which will provide specific recommendations for merchants to help them boost sales.

Why did you decide to launch an ICO?

We are entering a new stage of the project: we have a working platform that we will continue perfecting, and, in time, we will launch our own marketplace and an ecosystem. This requires investments.

The main reasons for holding the token sale are the following: scale up and popularize our project, attract investments for its development and build a community of partners and advisors to take the project to the next level.

Our platform is constantly growing and already has more than 23,000 users. We would like to accelerate its development and engage new merchants.

Please speak about the founders behind the project. Who are they?

We have a great team of experienced developers, and our business development managers have extensive expertise in B2B, B2C markets and in fintech industry. We all share the passion for e-commerce and blockchain. That is why we have decided to launch this blockchain-related project. It is a very interesting yet challenging process, but we are sure it will be successful.

Where do you see the cryptocurrency market go in the near future?

In my opinion, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the next step, they are the future. It may take some time for them to become more commonly accepted. But I am sure more and more people will be using them, in business and for personal use.

I believe Trimpo’s services will help create a safe and convenient ecosystem on a global scale, bridging the current gaps between suppliers, merchants and marketplaces and offering an option of payments and settlements in cryptocurrency. With that, our project will help making crypto more widespread which will drive the industry forward.

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