Farma Trust – Blockchain Solution for Medicine

Every year, the number of counterfeits worth $200 billion is supplied to the market of medicines. According to statistics, 0.5-1 million people worldwide die due to counterfeits per year. To solve this particular problem, the Farma Trust application was created.

The idea of ​​combining blockchain and medicine came to Raja Sharif. The current Head of Farma Trust was born in Britain, studied earlier as a lawyer. He often had to create digital channels within the framework of the work. When smart contracts appeared, R. Sharif began to study them, in order to understand the technology, he became an investor of one of the projects. The final decision was born when one of the relatives of R.Sharif fell ill.

Farma Trust is an application that allows you to track the entire path of a medicine. Everyone can get acquainted with the complete road map. The application works on the basis of the company that supplies drugs. As the company’s head noted, the company’s work is completely autonomous and transparent. Farma Trust can work in any country of the world, since no special technological improvements are required for this. When fraud is detected, the company automatically notifies the police of a particular region. The analyst of the company can also predict the demand for medicines, monitor the terms of the drugs, and the conditions of their storage.

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