Kodak Starts ICO

A world-renowned manufacturer of equipment and consumables for the photographic industry, Kodak, will launch the ICO. The company’s blog says the pre-sale is planned for the end of January. The released cryptocurrency will be used to work with the KODAKOne blockchain platform. In general, the platform will be a special secured registry for the protection and management of rights in photography. As noted, Kodak works in together with Wenn Digital.

The platform’s cryptocurrency is called KODAKCoin. With its help, interested companies will be able to acquire pictures or rights to use them from photographers.

The problem of ownership of digital images is rooted in the past, when the pictures became freely distributed on the Internet. And it’s impossible to track every picture, because of which both photographers and other rights holders suffered losses despite the fact that the image could be used everywhere. With Kodak, we are sure that the blockchain is a solution for photographers, and finally they will not have to worry about unauthorized use of the works.

After such an announcement, the company’s share price rose by more than 40%, from $3.10 to $5.50, but then the rate was slightly adjusted and settled around $ 4.30 per share.

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