Monero VS ASIC-Miners

Bitmain has been actively discussed in the news. Recently, the reason was an action taken by Monero developers. Recently, the manufacturers of equipment for “digital gold” mining presented a new ASIC-miner Antminer X3. This model is aimed at working with the Cryptonight algorithm on the Monero network.

Contrary to expectations, the developers of the decentralized XMR network were not satisfied with the performance of the new ASIC, but decided to carry out a critical update of the network. In fact, the Antminer X3 will be useless. The project team also announced that it will regularly update the network configuration to prevent attempts by Bitmain and other equipment manufacturers to adapt to its operation.

First of all, the Monero creators protect the rights of ordinary users. The team opposes ASICs, defending mining on conventional laptops. In the Monero community, many users openly expressed their concerns about the release of the new Antminer X3. It is believed that ASICs operation can entail a chain of hacker attacks on the network, provoke the forging of transactions, and much more. At the same time, there are concerns that Bitmain can use their equipment to gain control over 51% of the XMR network.

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