New Software EOS 1.0 Released

The development team has presented an updated version of the software for the EOSIO network. “The functionality of the new software will provide an opportunity for the business to quickly create and launch productive and secure applications based on blockchain technology,” as noted in the official release. The new version of the software is designed to work in an environment without the usual tokens, in which the distribution of resource quotas (potentially unlimited) is performed by system administrators. Currently, the EOS blockchain provides thousands of transactions per second. In the future, with the release of new software versions, horizontal scalability of the network will be provided.

The main characteristics of the software:

– minimum block confirmation delay (0.5 seconds);

– reliable protection against Byzantine errors;

– completeness of transactions;

– support for smart contracts;

– performance of scheduled transactions;

– hierarchy of permissions, etc.

The software development team also provided a platform for developers, which has all the documentation they need. Simultaneously with the release, a new joint venture with the London-based company, SVK Crypto, was announced, which will promote EOS technology. The fund was created with a capital of $50 million.

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