The anonymity of the transactions of the Bitcoin network under threat

Recently in the blog of a large company involved in the supply of hardware and software solutions in the field of blockchain and Bitcoin, Bitfury Group, there was a statement that the development team has created a solution to track transactions in the Bitcoin network and determining the identity of the sender/recipient.

As noted, the developers have taken a fundamentally new approach to data analysis. Now all make one person the transaction will be tracked and recorded in a separate cluster, which allows you to monitor the movement of Finance, even if you have a few different wallets. The cluster will be written to all addresses of the wallets associated with one person.

Bitfury CEO Vladimir Vavilov said that their team found a solution that will help reduce the growth of crime and increase the detection of violations of the law using a new method of analysis of the network blockchain. At the same time, a former investigator D. Weinstein said that the government can now monitor the cash transfers as never before. Because the blockchain is recorded, every penny that comes into users ‘ accounts and leaving them, who knows what for the future of this development, however, the public was beginning to Express their discontent against the developers.

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