An alarming spike in mining cryptocurrencies on College campuses

A cyber security company Vectra the study found “an alarming spike in cryptocurrency mining University campuses”. Vectra’s report States that opportunistic-minded students and hackers mine cryptocurrencies mostly on University campuses. From here 85% of attacks with introduction of the hidden miners begin.

Student from Kentucky about mining: “this is great fun!»
3% of cryptocurrency traffic coming from campuses is connected with financial services, 3% with the development of new technologies, 6% with entertainment and recreation.

The report notes that ” the number of computers that process hashing cryptocurrency funds in University campuses increased before the value of Bitcoin reached $ 4,000 in 2017, but did not decrease after the collapse of the dollar price.

Students prefer to mine on campus, as they are provided with free electricity, writes Oh.

In January, Stanford University published a notice that States “a sharp increase in the number of incidents related to mining in Stanford.” The notice stated that ” according to Stanford University policy, University resources should not be used for personal financial gain.” However, students are obviously violating this rule.


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