Application for Offline Bitcoin Transactions Being Developed

The Brooklyn goTenna company and the developer of the Samourai Wallet crypto-wallet began to work on the creation of the “txTeNn” application, which will provide the opportunity to conduct transactions in the Bitcoin network based on the technology of multiply connected networks. The developers noted that the basis of “txTeNn” will be the principle of cellular topology, which supports direct connections between nodes, without the need for connection via the Internet or mobile networks.

“The use of multiply connected networks is an excellent alternative to the traditional centralized networks which are used today, i.e. decentralized communication networks, which are managed by the users. Most importantly, this structure will be more resistant to external influences, as it is more difficult to disable. All that is necessary for the operation of such a network is a means of communication and a smartphone”, Mr. Rich Myers, the engineer-developer of goTenna, said.

To implement a successful transaction in the Bitcoin network, users of “txTeNn” should be located at a distance of not more than 1.5 kilometers from each other. In this case, the data will be transferred from one device to another until a node with an Internet connection is detected. To connect to the service you need to buy a goTenna antenna, the price of which is $179.

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