Bank of England Supports Idea of ​​Creating a State Cryptocurrency

Mr. Mark Carney, the Head of the Bank of England, said he was ready to support the idea of ​​creating a state cryptocurrency. This statement was made within the framework of the jubilee conference held by the Central Bank of Sweden in Stockholm. At the same time, Carney also said that, despite his support in this direction, CBDC will not appear in the near future. According to Mark Carney, the situation with central banks directly depends on how much the public trusts the traditional financial system. After Brexit, the English regulator took the necessary measures to rule out a possible crisis after England left the EU.

It should be noted that Mark Carney spoke about his support for digital currencies even earlier. So, at the end of 2017, he reported on the conduction of negotiations regarding the possibility and prospects for the creation of national cryptocurrencies with regulators in other countries. At the same time, he spoke positively about the blockchain technology, believing that its use could positively affect financial stability and improve the efficiency of interbank transactions. Yet, the head of the regulator of England remains skeptical about Bitcoin in particular, towards cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, high volatility indicates the lack of support and the real value of assets.

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