Binance is willing to pay 10 million for information about hackers

The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced a $ 10 million reward for those who provide information about planned hacking attempts.

She also announced a $ 250,000 reward for any information about the March 7 break-in, when an attempt was made to kidnap nearly $ 47 million.

Another hacking attempt failed, as Binance quickly responded to user complaints and has blocked all operations of hackers. However, Binance stated:

“To ensure a secure cryptocurrency space, we cannot always be in a defensive position. We need to prevent any break-ins before they occur and respond quickly.”

“Despite the fact that the attempt of hacking on March 7 was not successful, it was clear that this is a large-scale and organized attack. They must be stopped.”

Details of the awards from Binance
In addition, the exchange will provide an award equivalent to $ 250,000 to anyone who provides information that will contribute to bringing to justice hackers involved in hacking Binance 7 March 2018. The award will be paid by BNB token.

At the moment, the exchange has already allocated $ 10 million for future premiums for information about illegal hacking attempts.

The BNB token is currently valued at about $ 7.5 and has a total capitalization of $ 1 billion. The token is very liquid, its daily trading volume is $ 40 million.

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