Bitcoin candy — hard Bitcoin cash

In the Blockchain the Bitcoin Cash will soon be hardwork on the block 512666, roughly 13 January. Separated digital currency would be Bitcoin Candy (CDY), this information provides the official source of the project.

Such developments were predictable, because Bitcoin is Cash at first very popular, and the second he previously separated and with him was associated not one scandal, so the new hardford was only a matter of time.

Bitcoin Candy will have blocks of eight megabytes. Production of tokens may occur by using graphics processors. Ceiling for cryptocurrency is designated the twenty one billion tokens, the developers immediately said that one percent of the total number of tokens they put in your pocket. At the time of writing, only the crypto currency exchange CoinEx announces the support of hard forks. Wallet which supports CDY — Bitpie

After hard forks owners BCash will receive 1000 Bitcoin Candy for every coin.

If you read the press release, you can see all the same familiar promises about very easy and quick mainiga and many others, pleasant to the ears of a user, words. In fact, nothing innovative should not wait

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