BitGrail Suspected of Fraud

On February 8th, there was information in the network that the Italian platform BitGrail was attacked by hackers and lost

$170 million in Nano tokens. Representatives of the exchange have published a message that an active investigation is being conducted jointly with law enforcement agencies. The Exchange management emphasizes that it provides all possible assistance to the investigation, including the necessary documentation and other important materials.

However, many users, including the Nano creators, doubt that tokens were stolen. There are good reasons to believe that the owner of the crypto-exchange, Francesco Firano, deliberately concealed the fact of the cryptocurrency theft, and may even be implicated in the disappearance of 17 million XRB.

The BitGrail platform was the fifth largest Nano trading volume, but in December the payments in this cryptocurrency suddenly stopped. Initially, users were asked to implement the findings in Bitcoin, but within a few weeks it became necessary to verify identity. And even after the measures have been taken, customers could not wait for their funds from December last year. It is also known that Firano contacted the creators of Nano with the proposal to conduct hard fork in order to cover losses, to which the developers responded with a refusal.

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