Blockchain Defends Authorship Rights: Vyacheslav Zolotukhin Explains Current State of Affairs

The state is increasingly trying to apply new technology for its own purposes, introducing it into various spheres of life. It is not surprising that in the near future all banking transactions will be conducted on the basis of blockchain, as well as all other currency transactions.

Is it good? – Despite the fact that distributed databases attract many participants with the opportunity to act anonymously, blockchain technology is primarily aimed at maximum openness of users and transparency of stored information.

Will the state support such initiatives?

Of course. If this gives supervisory authorities access to the data of participants in financial transactions without additional requests from law enforcement and taxation branches, as this can greatly simplify the work, for example, of departments dealing with economic crimes. However,  many parties can be involved with such structured information if willing to keep information about their activities open. Therefore, it seems to me that it’s too early to talk about the so-called “all-Russian blockchain”.

Yet, this is a currency … And what about the interests of ordinary citizens and development companies?

Blockchain is a structured database, in which certain rules are prescribed: building of transaction chains and access to information. It prevents data theft and fraud.
According to the Deputy Director General of the NRIS in June 2018, we will see a new digital platform based on blockchain technology, created to protect a wide variety of intellectual property: from music to technology and computer programs.

But what about Rospatent? What about RAO? I am sure that it is up to Rospatent and RAO to introduce blockchain into their field of activity.

The sphere of copyright protection is one of the most successful examples of blockchain application.

It works simply: for example, the registry stores a reference music record with a built-in hash code. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it is always possible to track where exactly this record is laid out, used, and sold. All these data can be checked against the purchase rights to use it, in addition, it allows you to quickly get a patent for a particular invention, a work of art, etc.
Ideally, you can reduce this process to just one day instead of 6 months, as it currently takes.
The inability to forge information is one of the key strengths of the blockchain technology that we use when developing our business social network called Evolution. Each user has a numerical index of their skills, which is confirmed either documentarily or by feedback from other users. In this case, it is impossible to change earlier estimates. This allows you to view the entire path of developing the professional qualities of users – both successes and falls.

This approach makes information, for example, about the potential employee as reliable as possible.
In times of rapid development of social networks, we are accustomed to not trust what people write about themselves. Thanks to the blockchain technology, we have the opportunity to change this state of affairs.

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