Bobby Lee: this year Bitcoin will be worth $ 100,000

Bobby Lee, the head of Bitcoin China, optimistic about the future of Bitcoin despite the fact that his exchange was closed down by the financial regulator of China. Bobby Lee: Bitcoin can be likened to gold, Bobby is confident that Bitcoin will cost $ 100,000 in 2018, and in 2021 will reach $ 150,000. Cryptomnesia Hong Kong advises investors to hold Bitcoin for at least one percent of their assets in the interests of diversification.

He also pointed out a few additional mistakes that are typical for investors: indecision, lack of purchase, selling after a small profit, sell after the panic. The reason for the growth of Bitcoin value, from the standpoint of Whether, in the inevitable failures that threaten the world’s monetary authorities and the fact that Bitcoin has limited emissions. In addition, Bitcoin is the first system of currency, not regulated by governments or companies to control Fiat money, “as you spend it, even if it is theoretically “your own money”, says Bitcoinist.

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