“Bulls” and “Bears”

Bitcoin marks growth above $9000 to a new pullback at a level of $8000. The past week shows that the bulls started an attempt to return to position. After falling to a level of $6,200 on February 6th, the market showed growth during the next 4 days, after which the high mark of $9,000 was hit. For a global upward movement, the bulls should maintain the market close above the trend of the downward spiral which should be considered as the level was in mid-January, when the Bitcoin price was above $14,000.

Thus, today the situation can be estimated as follows. “Bear” movements still prevail in the market, but there is a noticeable activity aimed at changing the movement of price charts. This week “bulls” failed in fixing the above mark of $9000, most likely because of the weekend. Significant results will be noticeable in the period from February 12th to February 15th, if during this time the Bitcoin cost will be firmly fixed at the threshold level. Then it will be possible to predict the continuation of growth and overcoming a mark of $10,000. In addition, leading analysts suggest that February will be a springboard for Bitcoin’s growth in 2018.

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