Buterin Proposes to Combine DAO and ICO

Recently, a new post appeared on the Ethereum Research forum made by Vitaliy Buterin. In his message, Vitaliy proposes to develop a new model for conducting the primary ICO. In the new model, he encourages developers to combine the best of the decentralized autonomous organization concept, known as DAO, with the main advantages of ICO.

Among the main advantages attributed to the DAO, V. Buterin notes:

Use of public opinion;

The DAO partially controls the developers who are a centralized team;

Expandable funding over time.

To the selected advantages of autonomous organizations, the Ethereum creator adds the main advantages of ICO, which are based around one project and are protected from hacking, until hackers take over 51% of the nodes.

Buterin decided to name this new model “DAICO”. As a result, it should allow developers to create a proposal for fundraising, but after the pre-sale is finished, only a limited amount of collected funds will be available for the developers, which will provide the necessary basic protection against hacking and community trust.

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