Crypto-Market Capitalization Exceeds 800 billion Dollars

State structures and prominent politicians are prone to give negative judgements for cryptocurrency. However, the cryptocurrency capitalization  exceeded the $800 billion mark according to CryptoMarketCap. The top three leaders are Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, which account for more than $500 billion. Recently, the relatively young tokens, such asTRON, Cardano, and Stellar have been actively growing and strengthening their positions.

During the last month, Ripple put pressure on BitcoinCash and Ethereum. The company is doing well, they have concluded agreements with banking institutions and large trading companies. In addition, more recently it became known that the XRP blockchain will be used for making transfers by large payment systems, but it is not yet known which ones.

At the same time, Ethereum technologies will be used in socio-political spheres. In addition to United States and Russia, which are introducing blockchain into the election system, Brazil will do the same. This South American country has more than 145 million voters. Blockchain may be the best solution for organizing the process of collecting votes, as the existing logistics system is criticized and may call into question the adoption of certain decisions.

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