Cryptocurrencies Capitalization Increasing Thanks to Altcoins

According to information from the analytical resource CoinMarketCap, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency has reached another historic maximum on January 2nd. In December, after the sharp increase in quotations of “digital gold”, the total capitalization exceeded the amount of

$650 billion. At the moment, this figure exceeds $654 billion. Yet the situation differs significantly from the growth in December. After a deep Bitcoin correction, the market is recovering thanks to the inflow of new capital into Ripple and Ethereum. These altcoins confidently took second and third places in the capitalization rating.

On New Years eve, XRP demonstrated aggressive growth of quotations and firmly took the second place in terms of capitalization, with volumes over $100 billion. Ethereum, which for a long time held the second position, tried to catch-up, and in the first days of January could exceed its historical maximum with the level of capitalization over $90 billion. However, this did not help it to return to second place in the market.

Altcoins from the TOP10 also show growth. Among the TOP10, the Stellar coin stands out, the value of which exceeded

$0.60 for the first time, and the token could remove “digital silver” Litecoin from fifth place. It should be noted that all this is taking place against the background of the loss of leadership positions by Bitcoin, as the share has decreased to 36% in total.

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