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The Universe of Blockchain Games

Companies that implement crypto payments in the entertainment sphere provide the best way to popularize cryptocurrency. In particular, the new “Klondike” has appeared in the video games market. The Chinese Baidu Corporation has launched a new game “Du Yuzhou”, which means the “universe”, where players are encouraged to create and develop their own cosmic worlds. This is not the first crypto game released by this publisher, as earlier the popularity was gained by crypto puppies, a copy of notorious crypto kittens.

Russia Offers to Replace the Dollar with Cryptocurrency

At an economic conference where non-standard forms of digital payments was discussed, Kalashnikov offered to abolish the dollar as the standard currency on the international market. He has suggested to introduce cryptocurrency instead of the dollar. Such an offer is motivated by the fact that no country should receive benefits and use of the world currency will be more democratic. The use of the dollar in the world market gives the reins in the hands of the United States.

Hypothekarbank Stands for Cryptocurrency Development

The history of the Swiss bank, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, begins more than 150 years ago. Since then, the company has become a serious giant in the financial market, having issued its own shares. Last week, bank management announced its readiness to support the maintenance of crypto accounts for companies related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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