Cryptowisser – The Biggest Coin Exchange Comparison Site in the World

Cryptowisser – a newly launched cryptocurrency site – is quickly gaining attention in the industry. The company’s ambition is to make the cryptocurrency market available on equal terms for everyone. With revolutionary matching tools and a record-breaking collection of data from the market, they come closer to realizing that ambition for each passing day.

Cryptowisser (a combination of the words cryptocurrency and besserwisser, meaning “a know-it-all”) was founded in 2017 by a team of Swedes. All of the team members have been engaged in the cryptocommunity for several years and have personally experienced problems/obstacles in the market.

“We want the cryptocurrency market to be available on equal terms to everyone and prevent people from falling in the traps out there, such as scam-ICOs or exchanges with ridiculously high trading fees. That is why we created Cryptowisser.”, says Felix Bengtsson, co-founder.

Revolutionary tools

One of Cryptowisser’s revolutionary tools is the Exchange Finder, a matching tool that lets you answer 6 questions on what you require from a cryptocurrency exchange. The tool then matches you with the exchange(s) that best matches your answers, free of charge. There is no corresponding tool anywhere else in the crypto market.

Biggest in the World

Cryptowisser has spent several months collecting data on fees, deposit methods, security etc. from the cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company compares and reviews more than 250 cryptocurrency exchanges, more than any other site in the world even comes close to.

The company also compares and reviews 130+ wallets, 50+ cryptocurrency casinos, 50+ cryptocurrency merchants and all of the biggest crypto debit cards. No other site in the world has a bigger number of companies compared than Cryptowisser. The company is also currently collecting data and writing reviews on 750+ coins, something that they hope to be able to launch shortly.  

In addition to comparing and reviewing exchanges, wallets, casinos, merchants, debit cards and – within short – coins, Cryptowisser also provides a set of guides aimed at helping both new and experienced crypto investors. The subject of the guides are:

Picking The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Site

Getting Started With Cryptocurrency

Security Measures

Investing in ICOs

“We feel that the services we provide have been missing from the market. Now they aren’t missing anymore. We hope that our fellow members of the crypto community feel the same way.”, says Felix.

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