Dark Gravity Wave Mining: SegWit2X

Latest Bitcoin SegWit2X mining is based on the Dark Gravity Wave difficulty readjustment algorithm which is a big improvement over the traditional KGW.

Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is implemented in SegWit2X to address certain flaws such as the time warp attack known in the KGW algorithm. It makes use of multiple exponential moving averages and simple move averages to achieve a smoother readjustment mechanism.

2222222/ (((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)     <-- This formula is implemented as a mechanism to readjust difficulty.

DGW version 3.0 is the latest implementation of this algorithm and allows improved difficulty retargeting compared to KGW.

Miners confirm a 5 times increase in profitability at the fork’s official telegram channel.

“I got 24 coins over the last 3 days with the hashrate of 450 GH/s. This counted for 1382$ in comparision to 270$ daily when mining Dash?!! That’s a huge 500% difference guys!” – Paul Spenser.

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