Dealing with Cryptocurrencies – Take Care of Your Nerves

Moscow has launched an emergency psychological support service for participants of crypto-market, states Blockchain Fund. In the interview for Life, the Owner of the company, A. Karpukhov, noted that the idea of ​​launching such a service appeared after the market for cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin, went down sharply.

The main concern of psychologists is that sharp changes in the exchange rate on the cryptocurrency market can cause mass suicides. I remember “black Monday” in the late 1980s and the crisis of 2008, when panic was observed among investors and traders. Now the situation is close to those events. The market, which has been showing steady growth last year in recent months, has suffered huge losses, investors and traders are prone to panic, as many do not understand why the situation has changed so much.

Elena Pikhovkina, a specialist with experience, works among psychologists, has also worked during the crisis of 2014. She believes that in such a situation, it is important to listen fully to a person and enter into their position and most importantly, restrict them do something stupid.

Details of the recording and the order of individual receptions are discussed separately. You can send an entry by e-mail.


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