DNA Research Monetization Using Blockchain

Nebula is not the first company to come to the conclusion that blockchain can help solve many issues with DNA research. In particular, there are several companies controlled by the giants who already came up with this idea. So and 23andMe get support from Google. Interest in using blockchain technology for the purpose of DNA research is shown by Intel as well. However, none of the projects came up with the idea presented by​​the Professor George Church from the technological universities of Harvard and Massachusetts.


Nebula Genomics Project is being developed using Blockstack technology, and operations management is based on Ethereum smart contracts. The main difference between Nebula and other projects is that the DNA data is stored not in the database of a large pharmaceutical company, but by the data owners themselves. Tokens in this system are planned to be used to pay for the construction of an individual DNA chain, as well as for the acquisition of data from users of the system by large companies. Tokens of the system can be purchased for fiat money.

Professor Church believes that everyone should decide whether to disclose their data to companies or not. This approach can attract many users to the system. In addition, genome sequencing is useful in cases of family planning and research on the possibility of diseases.

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