Domain sell for 200 BTC after the scandal surrounding the election of the President of the United States

Registered in Luxembourg private company XBT Holding was put up for auction of domain at a starting price of 200 bitcoins, which at current rate is about $2.8 million this writes Bloomberg.

The value of a domain name is that the combination of letters XBT is often used as an abbreviation for “bitcoin” − is more widely known BTC. XBT Holding’s owned the name since 2010, when bitcoin is virtually worthless.

It is worth noting that in the US, the company suspected of distributing viruses, hacking into servers and stealing the data of the Democratic party during the last presidential campaign. According to his profile media company BuzzFeed, a key role in all this played the head of the XBT Aleksei Gubarev, recruited by the FSB.

“This domain has a great value in cryptocurrency business. Brand XBT seriously suffered as a result of false accusations, and we are considering rebranding as a consequence of reputational damage,” − said Gubarev.

According to the publication, the domain was for sale, 5 Jan. Purchase requests are accepted after a Deposit of $10 000 or 0.5 bitcoin, but so far no request has not been received.

After the sale of the domain XBT Holding intends to use the domain name

We will remind, in November of 2017, was put on sale the domain name Ethereum.sometimesthey $10 million.

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