Ethereum Defends Its Position

Experts consider the possibility of a Ethereum price increase by three times during 2018. Such forecasts are related to the upcoming implementation of the Ethereum technology in many businesses and political processes. Just over the past year, billions of dollars have been invested in projects that are based on Ethereum smart contracts, and in 2018, the number of new projects can show much greater growth.

Ethereum potential can also be estimated with the new Bitcoin Price Equivalence service. This service equates the value of all the cryptocurrencies to the Bitcoin price, calculating their current capitalization and representing that the total number of tokens will not exceed 21 million units (as stated by Bitcoin). According to the calculations of the service, Ether is still an undervalued currency and can definitely increase in price to a level of $7000.

In addition, Ethereum defends its position on the market, returning to second place in terms of capitalization. Over the past seven days, Ripple has lost more than 50% of its capitalization, as of January 10th, XRP capitalization is 73 billion dollars, instead of last weeks’ 148 billion. At the same time, Ethereum has grown in recent days, at the time of writing of article, its capitalization accounts for $135 billion, and the price is almost $1,300.

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