Expert: Bitcoin Cash will grow, Ethereum will fall

The report, entitled “Cryptocurrencies: Past, Present, and Future”, researchers are trying to predict the behavior of cryptocurrencies analyzing the historical data and a special algorithm.

They came to conclusions optimistic for the near future Bitcoin Cash and gloomy for Ethereum.

ETH will fall to about $ 237, and BCH will rise to $ 2,000 by may
2018 was started bad for all cryptocurrencies, helped by the problems with more regulation and warning that crypto-currencies are a bubble. At the same time, Ethereum lost about 70% of its value, the report says.

Callum Blanchard, a specialist who worked for the drafters of the “Cryptocurrencies: Past, Present, and Future,” said that he was not surprised by the findings.

Although ether was one of Bitcoin’s main competitors, investors are now looking for more unique features.

“Ethereum was initially distinguished by the fact that it allowed to create blocks faster, but it turned out that in comparison with Bitcoin Cash, or even Ripple and Litecoin, this is not such a unique property.”

At the same time the expert has noticed that Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum have been developed for different purposes. While Bitcoin Cash was created to increase the transaction speed of its predecessor Bitcoin, ETH was developed as a means to simplify peer-to-peer contracts and applications on the Ethereum platform, writes Newsbtc.

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