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Serious investors should not think negatively

If you have invested in Bitcoin, you should not give way to decadent moods and the consequences of speculators’ actions. Large investors like Mcafee, Lee and Changpeng are inclined to believe that the current situation on the crypto-market is just a repeated history. We saw similar schedules in 2012-2013, after the jump in 2014, again the decline, and long bearish trends. Experts predict the growth of cryptocurrency price by 2019-2020, when the next peak will be overcome.

The media does not check the mainstream facts

The crypto-community is indignant. Well-known publications like Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal explained the collapse of prices on crypto-market by the recent hacker attacks. However, experienced traders are confident that the price falls were more likely caused by the fact that there are plenty of sellers in the market and not enough buyers. Speculators sell, they do not intend to keep the cryptocurrency, their goal is to quickly earn on the difference in price quickly. Another thing is journalists who must publish reliable information, and not base their news on fake news.

Hacker attacks on crypto-sites continue

Another reminder to the crypto-investors is the attack on the Coinrail site. The unknown hacker managed to steal about $40 million in various tokens. Another project, Shopin, lost about $10 million as a result of theft. These events indicate that even the most successful projects cannot be fully trusted. The statistics show evidence that 8 out of 10 projects will not survive even a few years.

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