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The first transactions using the blockchain platform were conducted by UBS and IBM. The banking giant and the IT corporation used the Batavia project to sell German cars and Austrian textiles to Spain. The blockchain platform performed the full cycle necessary to complete the transaction. The program, established in smart contracts, helped to connect suppliers and buyers, carry out payments, form contracts and attract all necessary services to accelerate the transaction.

The European Union introduced new amendments to the laws on combating money laundering with the help of cryptocurrencies. According to the latest requirements, all exchangers, banks, wallets and exchanges must be registered. Moreover, when performing financial transactions, the listed organizations are obliged to collect the personal data of digital asset owners.

On April 17th, Venezuela made record Bitcoin purchases. In just one day, Venezuelans bought Bitcoin for the amount equal to $1 million. It was caused by the fact that cryptocurrency is actively used in the country for making various payments, purchases, plus the purchase of other currencies. Contrary to the news of the decline in the rate of bolivar and the rise of Bitcoin in relation to the dollar, the benefits for the citizens are obvious.

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