GRAM: Stumbling Block

American start-up project, Lantah LLC, received a lawsuit from representatives of Telegram messenger. The application, which was registered in San Francisco on the 11th of May, reports that Lantah LLC illegally uses “Gram” as the name of its own cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the messenger said that the trademark “Gram” from their company has priority rights. Moreover, it is likely that Lantah LLC is trying to cash in on the success and wide dissemination of information about Gram in the media.
In contrast, Daniel Jeffrey, the head of the start-up, noted that their project registered this name long before Telegram announced the launch of its token in the Telegram Open Network system.

It’s a strange reaction of the project, which has already successfully collected $1.7 billion during the ICO. Moreover, it is known that the company has already started testing the first services that will work within the TON framework. Daniel is not worried about this accident, as he is sure that Lantah has all the necessary documentation regarding the registration of rights to this trademark, becoming a stumbling block. Perhaps, this is just another PR action, planned by Durov.

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